Successful Mediations in High-Conflict Divorces and more...

Successful Mediation in High-Conflict Divorce
  • Situation: A high-conflict divorce involving complex asset distribution and custody disputes.
  • Action: Facilitated over 20 hours of mediation sessions, focusing on communication, understanding, and compromise.
Comprehensive Post-Divorce Transition Support
  • Situation: An individual struggling with emotional and practical aspects of life after divorce.
  • Action: Provided a blend of counseling for emotional support and practical guidance on adjusting to post-divorce life.
Financial Settlement Mediation Leading to Fair Division
  • Situation: A separating couple with significant assets and disagreements on their division.
  • Action: Conducted detailed financial assessments and mediation to navigate the equitable division of assets and liabilities.
Facilitating Reconciliation and Communication in Family Mediation
  • Situation: A family experiencing breakdowns in communication and relationship strains due to unresolved conflicts.
  • Action: Implemented a series of family mediation sessions aimed at restoring communication, understanding, and respect among family members.