What we do best


Divorce Counseling

Personalized support to navigate the emotional complexities of divorce, offering a safe space for expression and growth.

Your Benefits:

Gain emotional stability and clarity

Develop coping strategies for stress and change

Rebuild your sense of self and confidence


Initial consultation to understand your needs

Tailored counseling sessions

Support materials and resources



Facilitated discussions to resolve family conflicts, focusing on constructive communication and mutual agreements.

Your Benefits:

Resolve disputes amicably and fairly

Strengthen family relationships through improved communication

Create a collaborative family plan for the future


Conflict assessment and planning session

Mediated discussions with all parties

Agreement drafting and review


Personal Counseling

A confidential setting for personal development, focusing on your individual journey towards healing and growth.

Your Benefits:

Achieve personal insights and self-awareness

Address and work through personal challenges

Foster personal growth and resilience


Personalized goal setting session

Regular one-on-one counseling sessions

Progress tracking and adjustment


Custody Matters

Child-focused mediation services to navigate custody arrangements, prioritizing the well-being and best interests of the child.

Your Benefits:

Ensure a fair and loving custody agreement

Minimize the emotional impact on children

Support healthy co-parenting practices


Comprehensive needs assessment for the child

Facilitated negotiation sessions between parents

Development of a detailed parenting plan


Financial Settlements

Expert guidance on dividing assets and financial planning during separation, aiming for equitable solutions.

Your Benefits:

Achieve a fair and transparent financial settlement

Secure your financial future post-divorce

Navigate legal and financial complexities with ease


Financial disclosure and assessment meeting

Negotiation sessions focused on financial settlement

Final agreement drafting and financial planning advice


Post Divorce Transition

Support and guidance for rebuilding life after divorce, from adjusting to new family dynamics to personal growth.

Your Benefits:

Navigate the changes in your life with confidence

Develop a positive outlook on your future

Create a roadmap for your new beginning


Post-divorce planning and goal-setting session

Workshops on coping with change and personal growth

Follow-up sessions for ongoing support

Get help from us.