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We represent workers who are whistleblowers
or are subjected to harassment and discrimination.


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We believe employee justice is a fundamental right. Our experienced attorneys have represented hundreds of whistleblowers in the Greater Los Angeles area and throughout the state of California. Our lawyers achieve settlements and verdicts in whistleblower, discrimination, and harassment cases in six- and seven-figures.


Whistleblower basics.

What is whistleblowing, am I protected under the law, and what are my rights as a whistleblower?

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I’m disabled.

What are my rights in the workplace?

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I think I’m being harassed.

My workplace is hostile to my religious beliefs. Do I have a case against my employer?

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Can my employer eliminate overtime hours?

We used to get paid overtime, but my boss says that they can’t afford it now. Is that legal?

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I was fired because I have cancer.

I can’t come to work on days that I’m recovering from chemo. Can I be let go because of that?

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I was fired because I took a medical leave of absence.

Can my employer fire me for taking family leave or pregnancy time off?

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Do I have to go to trial?

When is not going to trial advantageous to me?

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Here are some additional resources.

Learn about Equal Opportunity, Fair Employment, Occupational Safety & Health, Disability Rights, and more.

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Attorneys Experienced in Employee Justice

J. Bernard Alexander, III

Bernard Alexander is a trial attorney who prosecutes demanding private and public sector employment litigation. He has tried...
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Marvin E. Krakow

Marvin Krakow has devoted his career to upholding the rights of individuals. His broad practice areas include wrongful...
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Gail A. Glick

In more than two decades of practice, Gail Glick has successfully represented a wide variety of workers, from...
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Tracy L. Fehr

Tracy Fehr focuses her career on fighting for individual rights. She primarily handles discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful...
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Amelia Alvarez

Amelia Alvarez is deeply committed to advocating for workers’ rights. She has assisted in litigating on behalf of...
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Joshua M. Arnold

Joshua M. Arnold has devoted his legal career to representing a diverse array of employees, from personal trainers...
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Jessica S. Choi

Jessica S. Choi is devoted to advocating for the fair treatment of employees and protecting civil rights. Jessica...
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Michael S. Morrison

Michael Morrison has dedicated his entire legal career to vindicating constitutional and statutory rights of individuals. Michael’s practice...
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David Ramírez-Gálvez

David Ramírez-Gálvez devotes his career to vindicating workers’ rights. He represents workers in state court, federal court, and...
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